ETF Trend Trading is operated by a scammer named Aden Rusfeldt.

It is amazing to me to what great lengths people will go to perpetrate a scam.

ETF Trend Trading is one such site.

The story on the website is one huge lie and deception. The owner of the site, who goes by the name "Big A" claims to be some big retired fund manager who made BIG trades in his day and that's how he got his nickname that he goes by, instead of using his real name.

His real name is Aden Rusfeldt.

Aden Rusfeldt is a scam artist who bilked millions from unsuspecting investors in the forex market just a few years ago.

Aden Rusfeldt peddled his forex trading course to people wanting to learn how to trade the forex market. He then would claim he offered successful managed forex accounts that conservatively earned 5-10% per month. It was more like that's how much they lost each month!

It was all a big lie. Aden Rusfeldt was a terrible fund manager who lost millions of dollars trading his clients, all the while claiming to be successful and lying about how good his trading methods worked.

He was banned by the CFTC from operating in the futures and forex markets and has now set up shop in the stock market to bilk more people while claiming to be some big fund manager who retired and is now back to help people with their trading and retirement.

Aden Rusfeldt is a total fraud. That is the truth about why he goes by the name "Big A", instead of his real name.

BEWARE of Aden Rusfeldt. I would not touch his stuff even if I was paid to.

Learn how to trade from someone who is successful at real trading.

Not someone who defrauded people out of millions of dollars in trading losses and couldn't trade his way out of a wet paper bag.

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